Rough Opening of an Overhead Garage Door


The rough opening of a garage door is the actual size of the door itself. For example, if the garage door is 9’ x 7’ (always width first), then the rough opening is 9’ wide x 7’ high. This is also what the opening of the foundation should be. The studs and cripples will then stop right at the edge of the foundation.


Once the floor is poured, the combed fascia boards can be installed. The header piece is installed first, then the two side pieces, which go from the header to the finished concrete floor. Now the door can be installed.


Headroom Requirements:


Standard (up to 8' high doors) - 12"

Low Headroom Kit - 8"

Double Track Low Headroom - 6"


Over 8” High:

2” track & hardware – 14”

3” track & hardware – 18”


Preparing For a Garage Door Opener:


Wire to be installed and supplied by electrical contractor and should be in place prior to application of drywall. Wire must be installed on the ceiling, going down both sides of the door for the sensors (allowing about 6” extra wire to connect the sensors when opener is installed), and to the man door for the door control button. Sensors will be mounted 6” - 12" above finished floor.


A ceiling receptacle (plug-in) is to be installed door height plus 4' from front wall, and a foot off center (left or right).